Hurry Up and Wait!

Well, I haven’t written anything this week because there just hasn’t been much to report.   It’s finals week at school.  So I have 3 different projects/papers I should be working on and 4 finals I should be studying for.  Naturally, I decided that it was a perfect time for a blog post!

dynamite Finals

The whole ‘getting into recovery’ thing kinda is on hold.  Ish.  My next appointment is next Tuesday.  It was just really hard to figure out appointment times when I am working and/or at school 7 days a week.  I haven’t stopped drinking.  Honestly, I’m scared to stop without a treatment plan.  I don’t want to stop and then fall off the wagon a couple days later because I’m not mentally prepared for what I’m doing.


Yeah, that’s how great I’m doing at eating well.  I start my day with a really healthy super food shake.  But it pretty much ends there.  Stress has fully caught up with me.  I need some time off.  From everything.  Luckily the semester ends next week and I’m not taking any summer classes.  I’ll still have to work, but I will actually have some days off here and there.  I’m going to train for and run a race this summer.  A 10k I think.  Having a goal helps me stay on track.  But I’ve been too busy to train for races during school and I totally lost my motivation.


I sound like such a whiny bitch right now.  I am really overwhelmed with how fast everything is moving at school and how slow everything is moving in regards to my therapy and treatment.  Like having one hand in a bowl of boiling hot water and one hand in a bowl of ice water.  My brain doesn’t know how to interpret the signals.