I am a wife, mother, full-time paramedic, part-time culinary arts student, and geek.  I am also obese, an alcoholic and have PTSD.  My life is weird and busy.  And you are going to have a chance to be a fly on my wall.  Or don’t.  That’s up to you.

Why “SlumGoo”?  Slumgoo is a term from Great Depression era Midwest America.  It was what they called any meal where they were dumping together whatever they had or could find to eat.  It evolved to where most families had their own version that was a pretty set recipe that included items that they had on hand most of the time.  Don’t take this as complete factual history.  This was just what I was able to figure out from my grandmother and a couple Google searches.  My family’s version is a breakfast dish that includes potatoes, bread, eggs, and any meat that you have around.  Or no meat.  It’s ugly.  It sounds weird.  Nobody would consider it a health food.  But it is delicious. And it is part of my family history.  It is a part of my history.  Using it as my blog title embodies me and the purpose of the blog.  It is a hodge podge.  This blog is a hodge podge. I am a hodge podge.